Our attention to detail is as perfect as the body of the cars we care for.

LUXE Auto Spa is proud to be voted as the 2014 Detailer of the Year by the International Detailing Association, as well as Best of State in Automotive Services for 2015. Our commitment to our clients, community and support of the auto detailing technologies is at the forefront of everything we do.



Luxe Auto Spa Cougar Elfervig

Cougar’s love of cars started like most, at a young age sharing a passion with his father.  Oddly enough, it was at a horse show that led him to his future in the auto detailing world. It was here that he quickly discovered he was more interested in the horsepower the competitors arrived in than the four-legged versions in the arena. This initial fascination led to summers washing cars, and eventually progressed into taking detailing classes across the county, where he uncovered an eye for perfection and a true passion for the car care industry. Within a few years, Cougar was teaching those very same classes he had previously attended.

As a young entrepreneur, Cougar continued to refine his skills and build a loyal, discerning client base, all while finishing his education. Cougar founded LUXE Auto Spa in 2012, and has continued to instill his longstanding values into every aspect of the business. You will always find Cougar at the shop working side by side with his team. Their growth, knowledge, and personal investment in the work they do are key components of Cougar’s vision for LUXE.



Analee cares for clients with same attention that is shown to their cars. She is the first and last person you’ll see at LUXE, and she’ll make sure every detail exceeds your expectations. Analee is the public face of LUXE, organizing charity events and showcasing the trademark LUXE excellence at the industry and car shows they attend. Analee has an eye for detail that rivals Cougar’s. Her work doesn’t stop at the front of the house either; with an extensive background in business, Analee ensures that LUXE operates in a polished fashion behind the scenes too.


Manager | Detail & Paint Correction Specialist

Marco understands that each car has its own distinctive style inside and out. It is what makes each one not only special, but it is how it becomes an old friend or a new adventure. Like LUXE, his experience and training are built on persistence and passion. Whether it is correcting paint or applying coatings, Marco turns out a flawless finish every time.


Manager | Detail & Paint Correction Specialist

Miguel believes that “attention to detail” is something that is commonly stated but rarely practiced, especially by LUXE  standards. His particularities are heightened by the camera lens; inspired by the designer’s of cars, he appreciates the beauty that is placed behind each and every line. Simply stated, Miguel is driven by consistency and precision, something you will find deeply rooted in his work.